Live Streaming from Your Device

UNINETT Live Streaming is an experimental service supporting live streaming from a device of your choice. The aim is to accept live streams from a large variety of devices, both software or hardware based.

The service is simply based on ffmpeg as transcoder, chunk-based adaptive streaming as protocol, and Apache as web server.

There service currently provides

  • Streaming from any device ffmpeg can "eat".
  • "Vanilla" player support for desktop, Apple and Android devices.
  • Recording of streams.
  • Time-shift playout.

How to access the service

On login you will be directed to your personal live stream management page where

  • Transcoding of new streams may be initiated
  • Access (urls) to running live streams may be found
  • Access (urls) to recorded streams are given

Currently either a valid Feide account or a customized login is required. Only users from selected institutions (with certian Feide affiliations) may access the service.

Service capacity

The service currently has limited capacity. The capacity will be scale up as the development of scalability features proceeds.



Please contact technical manager of the service directly if you have question.

Note: As the service is experimental, it is operated on a best effort bases. Some delay with respect to respone to questions is likely.

What happened to stuff from old

The earlier Wowza based streaming service is no longer operative. However old files (e.g. .mp4 and .flv) are still accessable via (Note that you will have to accept a security exception on access.)